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Help us enjoy a night out for our anniversary

Organizer & Beneficiary: Kelli Shiflet

Help us enjoy a night out for our anniversary

In June 2018,  Roy and I will have been married for 10 years.  Of those 10 years we’ve been able to spend 2 anniversaries together either due to deployments, Schools, trainings, field ops, or other military events that have kept us apart. But it’s a part of this life that we live, that we love, that we accept. 

We, like many couples, have a bucket list of things that we want to do before we are too old to do them. One of them is to see our favorite band, Maroon 5, in concert. Those that know us, know that our musical tastes are typically very different, but we come together over the musical stylings of Adam Levine.

We are finally in an area that coincides with their tour, with no upcoming engagements on Roy’s end o of things that would keep us from checking this off our list. Except the price......

Nothing in California is cheap. With me being unable to find a job since we relocated out here in May, money has needed to be budgeted a little tighter. And yes I understand that this is a luxury and by no means a need.  But he does so much so support me, and the kids. I want to do something nice for him for our first real milestone anniversary.  And I know this is something he’d love.

The tickets for 2 are $1,050 including all of their fees so I’m only asking the extra to cover the extra fees here!