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Need wheelchair van. Wife has severe multiple sclerosis.

Organizer & Beneficiary: Ben Lee

Need wheelchair van. Wife has severe multiple sclerosis.

This is my wife. We've been married for almost 16 years. She's only 37 years old and has been stricken with a rapidly advancing form of multiple sclerosis. She used to do everything for herself. She loved to hike and be out and about. She loved fishing and camping.

Now she's confined to a nursing home bed. Her only mode of transportation is a wheelchair. She has to be lifted from the bed. 

The doctors believe she's had MS for 2 years based on the amount of damage to her nerves. She's gone from being very active 2 years ago to quitting her job. The severity of the disease has been horrible for about 9 months. She's been in the hospital and nursing home for 5 months with no idea if she'll ever come home.

Wheelchair transport through a cab company costs quite a bit. Thanksgiving round trip of 17 miles total was almost $70. I know in my heart if I could take her out and about again her outlook and depression would improve immensely.

If I'm able to raise enough for a reliable van I will offer to transport others to help with their needs and offset their expenses as well.

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