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Scam left friend broke

Organizer & Beneficiary: Sonu Chhabra

Scam left friend broke

Before moving on to sharing the incident of what happened, I would like to brief that why should you be part of the campaign. My friend got scammed for $4000 and she is a student with a lot of debt and I believe $4000 is a lot of money for anyone but if 40 people can contribute $100 each, the intensity for everyone/anyone decreases a lot. The numbers I used were just to illustrate the point, even small donations are most welcome.

A friend of mine got a call from 911, they said they are officials from IRS department and that my friend is evading taxes and being new to States she didn't know a thing about any of this. They said you have to pay $2000 in fines immediately else would be imprisoned for some number of months (not sure how many). She panicked like hell, they asked her not to put them on hold or else they will think she is trying to evade the call too. She was stupid to believe into that but it was mostly because the call came from 911 and she is very respectful of authority.

When the scammers got the $2000, they realized they have got a soft target and they said the system fails to capture your identity, they fake transferred call to Indian embassy to verify identity and asked for another $2000 in some sort of process of verifying identity without her physical presence at the embassy in India. She didn't have the money, she told the callers that. The caller gave her some time to arrange for money or else said an officer will be reaching her for arrest, she was super nervous and afraid, also super stupid but sometimes I guess people do stupid things they regret about later. She asked for help from 3 friends and arranged the money, she paid that as well. The caller upon receiving money wasn't interested in entertaining the false story anymore, the call ended (I don't know exactly how it concluded).

My friend didn't still quite get what happened until she shared the incident with us, few friends. And when she got it she cried for hours, she couldn't believe how she could be fooled with such a trick, she keeps saying, had it not been a call from 911 she would have got it at once. I tried to point out her mistakes at so many places in the whole incident but that just breaks her down even more.

She contacted police but they are not able to help because payments were made by purchasing vouchers, for which she was asked to share the redeem coupon numbers, as they tricked her by saying other payment methods will take over 2 days to process and this needs to be done immediately.

She is a student and already on a lot of debt for her education, this cost her a semester worth of money, she doesn't even know how to pay back the people she borrowed money from, she is going to increase her debt but the thought is not even letting her sleep well. 

I urge the community to come together help as much as it feels convenient. I am trying to spread information for such scammers on different social media platforms so that this doesn't happen with anyone else.

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