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In Memory of Groot

Organizer: Elain Brown
Beneficiary: toccoa-stephens county humane shelter

In Memory of Groot

We are hoping to raise enough to cover Groot's medical bills.  If we can raise enough to cover his expenses there will be that much more, in our Joey's Fund, to help another animal in need.

Oh Groot!  

We’re all crying for you!  

Your house was across the street from the shelter but you chose to come and hang out with the crew at the shelter.  No matter what was going on, you were in the middle of all the action.  50 dogs in the Sally Port and you were napping, entirely oblivious, to the pandemonium.  

I had pulled up to load crates in my car and I had left the drivers door open.  When I came back, you were sprawled out on my dashboard!  

There has been no other cat that has had such a huge personality!

Then one day the staff noticed that you didn’t look well.  They spoke with the boss, who went across the street to your home.  The boss spoke with your person and convinced him to surrender you to the shelter.  To tell you the truth, if he hadn’t surrendered you, we were going to spirit you away anyway!  

We knew you were not doing well.

When we took you to the vet you had a 105 degree temperature.  You got sicker and sicker.  

We got the bloodwork done.  The news is not good.  The results were our worst fear.  FIP or Coronavirus & Toxoplamosis.  Neither one is good news for Groot. 

Today, the decision was made to help you cross the Rainbow Bridge.  It is just to hard to know that you are suffering and will not be able to get better.

Just know that you have been well loved.  

RIP 2/2/2019