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Meko Needs Lifesaving Dental

Organizer & Beneficiary: Forgotten Paws Dog Rescue

Meko Needs Lifesaving Dental

“The worst teeth I have ever seen” - that is what the vet said!  The infection in his mouth is so bad the room smelled like sewage!  He is now on antibiotics but needs to have almost all of his teeth pulled immediately. Meko has a few good teeth but the rest have got to go. He's been very ill and lost 5 lbs, very frightening for an otherwise healthy dog.

He was very active, playing with his best friend a miniature Dachshund named Akita, when suddenly he didn't want to leave his crate. He drooled so much his family noticed his bedding was damp. He would push his food around the bowl and his breath was atrocious. His single Mom works hard to make ends meet, and of course his favorite person, 5 yr old Danny was very worried, so they asked Forgotten Paws Rescue if they could help. Although the rescue is totally funded by donations and there was no cash on hand, he was at the vet's 2 days later. The diagnosis: some of the worst infected teeth the vet had ever seen.

Because he's a senior dog, Meko needed blood work and will also need chest x-rays to determine what anesthetic will be safe. His presurgery bill is only $200 but removing almost all of his teeth is going to total over $700! His surgery is taking place Thurs May 17. Please help this precious guy by contributing whatever you can to keep him healthy. All donations are tax deductible.

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