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Calloway needs ear surgery

Organizer: Elain Brown
Beneficiary: toccoa-stephens county humane shelter

Calloway needs ear surgery

This is Calloway.  Animal Control picked Calloway up as a stray on 9/27/2018.  He had been viciously attacked by some kind of animal.  He had terrible wounds all around his neck and on his legs.  His right ear was split down the middle.  

Because we did not know what kind of animal did this to him, and we didn’t know if they had been vaccinated for Rabies, and we had no way to know if Calloway had been vaccinated, Calloway had to be quarantined for FOUR months...or he would have to be put to sleep and tested for potential Rabies exposure.

Fortunately for Calloway, there is a foster with a double fenced, concrete-floored kennel where he, and another dog (Barney), could be quarantined.   

It was the coldest part of winter but their kennel had a big, cozy dog house.  Calloway and Barney had to be kept from all other animals, and all people, other than their caretakers, for the duration of their quarantine.  

Calloway’s wounds were very severe.  He had to go to the vet two times because of the horrible infections.  His ears never did heal up completely.  He had an abscess that ruptured.  It was impossible to get the infection under control.

After his quarantine was completed, he was able to go to the vet to be neutered and the vet was able to get a much better idea of how bad his ears were.  His one ear had a HUGE mass in it.  The infection was stinky and horrible. The doctor cleaned both ears, really well, and packed both ears with suppository antibiotics.

Finally, the infection was getting better, but the masses didn’t go away.  

After all that Calloway has been through, he now needs surgery on the masses, in his ears, so that they will not continue to be re-infected over and over again, for the rest of his life. 

We are trying to raise funds to help make it possible for Calloway to have the surgery that will, finally, relieve the discomfort that he has been living with all this time.

The expenses for Calloway and Barney, so far, are around $700.  Calloway’s surgery is estimated to cost $300, totaling close to $1,000  

All that money, for their care, came from Joey’s fund.  Now, Joey’s fund is running low.  

Joey’s fund is used to provide care for animals that might, otherwise, have no option but to be put to sleep.  Care such as food for a prolonged quarantine, or emergency medical care for animals that come in with injuries.  Also, right now, we have 14 dogs in need of heartworm treatment.  Without your donations, these dogs don't have a chance.

Both Calloway & Barney would have been put to sleep without this fund.  

Please, help us replenish our Joey’s fund so that we are able to help more animals in need!

No amount is too small!  Please, share!