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Rescuers Birthday plea

Organizer & Beneficiary: Let Them Live Rescue Inc

Rescuers Birthday plea

Only thing I am praying for is help to carrying on.  I can not say it has always been easy and for sure it has not to fight for the lives of animals while fighting my own battle for my own. But I know and have always known that this life is given to me to serve.  I learned along my journey that my life is here for a purpose not to be the voice of even reason BUT rather the voice of the silenced the unloved the injured, lost and suffering.  The abused the tortured and starved.  What I have seen witnessed would give anyone nightmares.  I have seen it all from all corners.  Working the Animal ER's to ACO to everyday compassion person living in some of worst areas  on the planet for the lives of animals..  I have been hurt physically and emotionally and none of that matters because the value of one life out weighs any pain this body or mind can take on or be dealt.  

There are times when I just feel I can not do anymore and my body is weak and my soul is weary and yet I am up and going.  When you sit hooked up to an IV and get a frantic message that there is a dog that is chained dying and they will give you the dog but you have to be there by morning and you are 12 hr drive or you are some place far away then I have made it.

I am not someone special I Know this clearly so many remind me of this lol,  But I know that I am someone that will give my all and do my all for the lives of the innocent.  

So that is what has brought me here to you.  I have to come to you and ask a special Birthday wish.  I have struggle horrible recently with the number of abused sick injured and dumped animals.  We need your help just to try and stay a float.  My rescue vehicle has $2500 in repairs and needs tires to boot. ( keep in mind in three years we have with the rescue done over 135K miles to help save lives. )  I have driven to retrieve other rescues animals that were dumped, have driven to take dogs cats livestock to other rescues willing to save them when no one could afford the cost of a rescue to do it or one could not be planned that fast.  This rescue has fostered for other rescues and shelters and helped verify applicants etc the list is endless.. But we are down and out..  We broke down while doing what no other rescue would do.. what we could not even get locals seeing it to do.. save lives of dogs and farm animals suffering and dying where there was no animal control.. It is not be a special person that we do this it is being a compassionate HUMANE HUMAN...  

We have over $5000 in vet bills. But we are pleading to ask you each of you will you donate $5...  

That goes a long way to help if all would give any amount and share.. We know we have value to the lives we save and those before us but we are asking if you see it in us please consider a donation.  

If we can not raise the needed funds we will simply be forced not to try and help lives. I am working full time and doing the infusions and doing rescue full time and there are days it is hard to worry what the future holds in many aspects but the truth is if me then who, I fully know that the majority of the lives we have saved especially that most would not have.  Have had many of you tell me "save an adoptable animal"  "save one that someone will want" " not another pit ,why those there are way to many everywhere"  .....   

See I know this and I accept that BUT that does not change my view that all life is valuable and worthy of life.  No breed or color deserves less than the other(s).  Not a one deserves life and kindness over the next..  

I am absolutely asking for help.  If you can I ask you to give.  If you can not please share..  We can all do a little for someone.  And if you read this and donot find us worthy of your support or help and you deem yourself a good person and have the compassion and means to help then I plead with you on all levels of my soul, that is okay if you can not stand with us BUT PLEASE get involved and help someone somewhere..  Rescues, shelters, are in dire need of donations and time..  Shelters need people bad to walk dogs love on dogs, foster dogs, cats..  I can give you names of shelters in many states that are in need of those and even if you donot want to donate money to them they gladly take your time and you can buy cleaning supplies for many or just so many ways so stop making excuses and reach outside of your comfort zone and give in a way you can.  You will have a life of reward for doing so and you will live beyond your own being and there is a great reward in that a lone .

If you took the time to read this thank you so much.

If you can please donate pray and share.  

All I want for my life and my birthday is to keep saving animals.  None of are without meaning and none are without deserving a chance.  All life has purpose and meaning and value.


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