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Wesson Dean Harris Fund

Organizer: Nate wagner
Beneficiary: amen harris

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Wesson Dean Harris Fund

Wesson Dean Harris was born on 11/27/17 at around 7:15 pm in Providence Holy Family Hospital. He weighed in at a hefty 9lbs-10oz.

Unfortunately, during delivery Wesson was having difficulty breathing so his mom Breanna was rushed into an emergency room for C-section. The doctors did everything they could but were unsuccessful and Wesson passed shortly after. 

Amen and Breanna have had a healthy pregnancy and were so looking forward to their baby. This was obviously completely unexpected and devastating.

They are not the ones to ask for financial aid or help really... But, I know they need help and a small blessing from friends, family and the community.

I've created this to help cover some medical costs and just give them some extra financial and spiritual support while they are grieving and trying to get back on their feet!  They need this! They need time to grieve, spend time with family, go out to dinner, go to the movies, go on a date, walk the dog, etc... They just need time to spend without any extra burden. 

If you cannot afford to donate please leave some kind words for the family! Prayers for healing in this difficult time for their family are so welcome!

I set the fund amount to $2500. This number represents a portion of medical bills or other costs they have incurred. 

It would be so great if they had some extra financial support.  If you cannot support financially, please just leave a message, prayer or kind words to show your love and support.

We love you Amen, Breanna, Dakota, Aubrey and Wesson!

With every donation I personally will send you a "Wesson" decal/sticker. Please send me a message with your name "also the name used to donate if different" and mailing address and I will mail one out to you - Nate 

Billing notice: Your receipt will show "" which is correct.  ALL DONATIONS will go to Amen and Breanna.


Stickers are complete and I’ll start shipping this week! Thank you so much everyone!!!