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A Miracle for Gibbs

Organizer: 2nd Chance Animal Shelter & Rescue
Beneficiary: 2nd chance animal shelter & rescue

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A Miracle for Gibbs

Hello Everyone,

My name is Gibbs, I was born on November 12, 2019.  I am a Goldendoodle and what they call an F1 (first-time cross) which means that I will lightly shed or not shed at all.  Despite this wonderful information, my mother rejected me within the first day of my life.  She showed her rejection to me in the form of chewing on my right front leg.  I was taken to the vet at just 2 days old after the breeder discovered what had happened.  I was then surrendered by the breeder to the vets office because the breeder did not have the time to bottle feed me as  I obviously could not stay with my mom.  I was placed in foster situation that only brought me right back to the vet.  They realized that a newborn puppy like myself would be a 24 hour job.  

I was taken in by 2nd Chance Animal Shelter & Rescue at 5 days old after an employee of the vets office notified them that 24 hour care was needed.  2nd Chance immediately began caring for me even before my surrender documents came.  Once documents received, the next steps could be taken and I was ready!!!!  Well as ready as a 6 day old puppy could be.

Since I am so new to the world, it was very important to know exactly what was going to happen with my leg.  The vet determined that my leg will need to amputated at my shoulder when I'm 6 weeks old.  It was also discovered that I have a hernia that may require surgery to be corrected.  All of this in, addition to the normal vetting that comes with being a puppy.  However, right now I am concentrating on building up my strength. 

I have been told that I am a feisty young man that is learning his way around this big world.  I have not let my leg slow me down and in fact, I move around as if nothing is missing.

With all that being said, I am asking for your help so that I can continue to get the best care pawsible.

Thank you,