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MND patient needs car parking fine paid to prevent arrest

Organizer & Beneficiary: Tony Ember

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MND patient needs car parking fine paid to prevent arrest

I have Motor Neuron Disease, I was formally diagnosed a year ago. Since then I have been harassed over a 5 year old parking fine which I don't have the money to pay. If I had the money I would use it for physiotherapy as there is no treatment support offered by the state to victims of MND.

I appeared n Galway court in June 19 to have this fine dismissed on compassionate grounds, as normal. Exceptionally, the Judge decided not to dismiss but to send it to another court. Due to the stress of the court, my fragile health went down and I suffered an exacerbation of symptoms, fatigue, speech loss and further loss of strength. Judge King has ordered Gardai to pursue me and I will be arrested if I don't pay.

I believe this is part of a campaign by the Irish 'deep state' to punish me for making legitimate complaints against Prof Orla Hardimann of Beaumount Hospital. She acted with gross malpractice when she 'diagnosed' the motor neuron damage, which, tested by her doctor was already in 3 limbs and had spread from the 1st test showing it in 1 limb. This is worse than having Cancer in 3 limbs. She 'diagnosed' motor neuron damage in 3 limbs as Anxiety and informed everyone that there was nothing wrong with me except anxiety. This is a huge lie, similar but worse than saying about a person with cancer in 3 limbs only has a cold and there's nothing else wrong with them. Anxiety does not cause motor neuron damage, but anxiety makes the illness worse. They know this. They are causing me as much stress as possible to speed up my illness so I am not able to expose them. Absolutely disgusting and despicable.

I made informal and formal complaints, which have been dismissed as the medical system is run by corrupt doctors and their allies. I am now being harassed to death for making a legitimate complaint against a doctor. Any extra money raised will be used for physiotherapy.

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