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Family Disaster Relief

Organizer & Beneficiary: Stephanie A Bailey

Family Disaster Relief

My name is stephanie & my husband's is nick we are a hardworking family with 3 children ages 9,5,4 , I am disabled I have fibromyalgia, scoliosis, tendonitis (hip&hand) & anxiety its completely debilitating but my lyrica truly helps me get up every day n move around I started a handmade jewelry buisness yo tru n supplement income because my husband works 40hrs a week doing construction, Unfortunately we are always putting money into our house but it's just to old something else alway goes wrong. Currently we had to condemn our own home & leave roof got damaged really bad & cause wa after damage & mold beyond belief There is nothing I can do but walk away so it's what we did for health & safety of our children. Now we find ourselves on here pleading for help we are trying to get a camper for temp housing we cannot afford to get a new home because this hotel is eating every dime we are asking any kind hearted people if you have ever been in this place or could imagine please help for my children they are smart little ones & they are suffering losing alot of what they had we are trying to make way to family in Arizona all we can do is ask for support & love of kind hearted strangers, So with pride for my children & my family I'm asking for help I truly appreciate anyone taking the time to read our life emergency, we also have a cat ,& sof we cannot have with us in the hotel we have ppl temp. Babysitting but we need to get them back & get our children back to some sort of stable normal idk how long we can keep up in a hotel but we will never get another home being here local Madison organized charities are out of money & have to many ppl that moved here that need help we grew up here & cannot find any help there are just to many people in need its unfortunate, So I'm turning to this platform in hope our issue may catch someone's eye thank you so much for hearing us.