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Help my family please🙏🙏

Organizer & Beneficiary: Hassan mohammed

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Help my family please🙏🙏

Hello friends.  I hope you are fine.👋🙏🌺

I am 16 years old.  from Gaza.  I live with my family of 8 people.  We are in very difficult conditions.  As you know, we are at war and not safe due to the Israeli occupation.🙏😞😖😭

Things are getting more difficult here.  We need to provide for what my family needs, and my father is ill.  We need to buy food and medicine and what we need.  I hope you will help us, if only a little.  Thank you🙏😭🤲🙏😭

Please help us during Ramadan in Gaza🙏🌙😪
My poor family is asking for your help during Ramadan during this difficult crisis in Gaza.😣😭
Gaza is in a difficult situation, and we are not only working under occupation.  Since we have many Corona cases, all borders are closed.  Everything in Gaza has only become worse, Gaza has become a disaster.  With unemployment really high, our market crash has prevented any profit.  As usual, the poor suffer the most.😣😖😭
Even if he is one of the worst people who live on the street, our families live on the same edge where external help only helps us from falling into the same situation.  Our families share donations and help each other to keep up, we may need your help and stand by our merciful friend🙏❤️
My family hopes that fasting will depend on your support during Ramadan fasting.  We need food, medicine, diaper drinks, and summer clothes for my family.  I hope you stand beside us and help us🙏🙏😣
This will be a very difficult month of Ramadan for Gaza, and we hope you will stand with us.😓😖🙏
Please send us your donation help and share this message with your friends.  I thank everyone on behalf of my family.  We are grateful for any help.  I wish you safety and security.  All respect to you with compassionate and kind hearts.🙏🙏😣🌸❤️
You can send a donation through🙏👇❤️
I hope you help us and thank you.  God bless you.  Be safe there.  My family is grateful to you🙏❤️🌼🌺💮🌺