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new spiritual building

Organizer & Beneficiary: Athena's Apothecary and Spiritual Center

new spiritual building

I am an ordained minister and have been growing my congregation for some time now. We are 80 local members strong and still rising.

However, we do not have a building to meet in, and thus we hold all of our gatherings outside. This can prove to be very challenging when weather decides to take its toll, especially this time of year. Between the current cold, common rain storms, and the heat in the summer, just keeping a date to meet can be difficult.

People have been wanting to bring their children, but it is very hard to keep kids’ attention outside, and there is no fence or walls to keep them in a safe area. Parents are unable to focus or relax, instead continually worrying about their children wandering too far and stranger danger.

It would be a blessing to have a designated place to have our religious practice.

Please help us to get our 1st building so we can hold our service in a safe, permanent home, with a heater, AC, and shelter from the elements.

Thank you for your support.

May your lives be filled with Light, Love, and Joy.

Blessed Be

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