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Bi-polar/best friend

Organizer: Joe Deaton
Beneficiary: friend

Bi-polar/best friend

Hi everyone,

I have a friend that has been fighting depression and bipolar disorder. He has had a rough time the last couple of years. Going through a manic couple of months, he racked up thousands of dollars worth of debt. Credit card mostly. He is trying to get his life back together. He has a daughter and a wife (separated currently). I have been helping him by monitoring him but financially I can’t help him. 

This person has had a rough life. He has no family. Mother passed when he young  of cancer. Father died of a car wreck. All other family has disowned him because of mistakes he made because of his condition. He lost his job because of this actions as well. 

I’m trying to get him back on track. All bills will be paid by me. I will make sure that it goes towards putting his life back together. We just need a lifeline here.  

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