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Brave Brandy

Organizer: Elain Brown
Beneficiary: toccoa-stephens county humane shelter

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Brave Brandy

Unfortunately for Brandy, her owner passed away and no one in the family wanted the sweet older dog.

It was such a sad situation.  Poor Brandy had no idea what was going on.  She was so confused and scared, but she remained sweet and gentle in spite of her betrayal.  She is such a brave, sweet girl!

The family member told us that Brandy had been hit by a car quite a while ago.  Her owners never took her to the vet. The pain must have been awful. She is unable to use her front leg because is is all curled up.  It just drags along the floor.  

We sent Brandy, to the vet to be checked out, and the vet said that because she has been dragging the foot for so long, it is getting raw, and is bleeding, and most likely will get infected and could be life threatening.  The vet recommends that the leg be amputated.

In addition to the leg situation, because she is a girl of a certain age, she has other age related things going on.  Her heart skips beats, she has dental disease, cataracts and yeasty ears.  The good news is that she is heartworm neg.

The vet recommends that senior bloodwork be done and a visit to a cardiologist before they proceed.

We want to show Brandy love and commttment that she has never had.  We are determined to get Brandy well enough to find a new home for her retirement years.  

We need your help to raise the funds for the medical work that Brandy desperately needs.  The fund that we use for major medical costs, that are above and beyond our regular vetting costs, does not have enough in it to pay for the care that Brandy needs.  Without your help we may not be able to send Brandy to get the help she needs. We may not be able to save her. 

Please, show Brandy the love this Valentines Day!  No amount is too small!  Share, share, share! We are begging for your help.  


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