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CLOSED! Go for a dream, Veronica!

Organizer: Victoria Voytsekhovskaya
Beneficiary: veronica voytsekhovskaya

CLOSED! Go for a dream, Veronica!


Thank you everyone who donated to support Veronica! We have raised more than 300 USD through this platform and she received few offline donations outside this site for her study and received her first diploma! HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE!!!


Veronica (18 years old) is my sister-in-law. She lives in Mariupol, a city located in Eastern Ukraine.


Veronica grew up in an honorable christian family, she's 4th and youngest child, a princess for her parents. They always wanted the best for her, regarding education as well. When I first met her (about 3 years ago) she was on her last year of music school, dreaming to be a professional music composer. Unfortunately the cost of her study in university was too high, so she had to give her dream up and stayed in Mariupol studying greek philology which has nothing to do with her dream. Although its price was acceptable for the family (average monthly salary in Mariupol is 150$ USD).

For 1 full year she was studying something she never liked, spent many sleepless nights and poured many tears just to have a degree paper. People around are pushing her to continue her study, but she's exhausted watching her youth being wasted on something she never wanted. Actually it's a common problem in Ukraine and especially in Mariupol. Veronica is just one of many young people struggling because of social pressure.


This year the brave girl decided to renounce greek philology and enter "University Of The Nations" (UOFN), a worldwide educational insitute with christian basis (what is very important for Veronica), despite all the social pressure and financial problems she's facing. She dreams to tell the world about God through music, and she strongly believes to create new music genre to worship Jesus. "University Of The Nations" is part of youth christian international and interdenominational movement "Youth With A Mission" (YWAM) that prepares young people to transform every sphere of society for good. Basic course called "Discipleship Training School" (or DTS) will take 5 months and the cost is 2500$ USD. The program includes 3 months of lecture phase and 2,5 months of outreach abroad, since international experience is essential. DTS as a first-level course gives an opportunity to take any direction in further education, and Veronica is going to continue her study in Netherlands, where UOFN has intensive second-level course to prepare professional music composers.


Veronica's DTS starts on 24th October, 2018 in Ternopil, Ukraine. The cost includes accomodation, meals, educational materials (books etc.), teachers and fully covers the outreach. 2500$. We can do it!


Every penny brings Veronica closer to her dream. If you ever wanted to make someone happy - this is the moment. When we reach the amount I promise to film her crying of happiness and post the video here!

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Thank you so much for your attention and desire to help! Love you all!

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