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The closed box - Gaza - help us

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The closed box - Gaza - help us



It is difficult to describe the impact of the situation due to the corona problems, in an already difficult life under occupation in Gaza cut off from aid. It's an accumulation of problems in a life threatening and rapidly changing to an alarming state. Half of the population lives in poverty now, where international aid is pulled away, and a broken economy, leaving the people in a desperate struggle to survive without income, where also curfews because of the Corona cases hold us in a stranglehold.
It's hard to deal with the many requests for help that come in with all suffering that is hard to cover with the donations coming in, which are also under pressure from the world's problems. We hope for your support for Gaza with donations, it was never needed more. In the absence of humanitarian responsibility from UN and countries, we are dependent on direct private help from people outside, to overcome the problems and safe the lives of poor people who depend on our help.
Our aid has had to focus on the need to survive and support the sick and most vulnerable, where the resources are no longer provided. We also have to prepare for difficult winter which becomes problematic under the given circumstances. We hope for your support, to be able to carry out our help efficiently, and to meet the necessary demand, where the situation is alarming.

What is our goal
-  We provide necessary resources for the sick and vulnerable such as food, sanitary supplies, and hygiene items
-  We help with materials for winter like blankets and warm clothing and other needs for winter against the cold.
-  We provide the needy with food and also diapers and milk for babies.

As a small organization, we can hardly cope with the enormous demand, but for many we are the only hope, we hope for your support to dedicate ourselves to this difficult task. Every help is appreciated and makes a difference. Please keep supporting our work, and bring hope to Gaza under this hardship that struggle to survive.
Please donate and share this massage with family and friends  Thank you for your attention and care.