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Help Walaa cover medical expenses in South Gaza

Organizer & Beneficiary: Zac

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Help Walaa cover medical expenses in South Gaza

Walaa’s cancer has metastasized to the liver and the thyroid, with $600 it is possible to have a surgery performed to attempt to take out the malignant areas. Please assist me in putting together what is needed to cover the operation.


March 2022

Walaa is 27, living with two daughters, mother, and two younger brothers near the town of Kuza’a in the occupied Gaza Strip. She is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and struggling to cover expenses for pain medication and hospital care, as well as food and basic necessities for herself and her family.  

Kuza’a is one of the municipalities that are closest to the 1950 Armistice Agreement Line between Gaza and the State of Israel. For the past 15 years the Armistice line has been one boundary of the air, sea, and land blockade imposed upon the entire border of the region, and is under constant military surveillance by the Israeli Defense Force. The blockade serves to bar access to people in the territory of Gaza from travel, employment, commerce, civil infrastructure, and basic utilities like water and electricity. Resistance from within the occupied territory is met with disproportionate violence from the occupying force taking the forms of direct siege, air strikes, shelling, the tightening of restrictions, daily harassment and personal abuses by IDF soldiers.

In 2017 the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics reported a poverty rate of 53% for a population of 2 million individuals in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli nonprofit organization Gisha has reported an unemployment rate of 50.2% for the third quarter of 2021. For women, Gisha recorded an unemployment rate of 68.6%. Of those working in Gaza’s private sector 83% earn less than minimum wage, roughly $470 per month. 

The Red Cross reported from a survey conducted in 2020 that 80% of Gazans lived with less than 10-12 hours of electricity per day, prohibiting the reliable functioning of refrigerators, lights, heating and air conditioning. Power shortages have also impacted  the functionality of wastewater treatment facilities, health centers, business and agricultural production.

The unavoidable degradation of the municipal wastewater treatment system has led to the contamination of the coastal aquifer, Gaza’s only source of fresh water. In August of 2020, B’Tselem reported that 96.2% of household water from the aquifer was non-potable. Meanwhile 40% of aquifer water is lost to consumers due to outdated infrastructure. Gazans are forced to purchase desalinated water for their daily needs, and much of this water is also of poor quality. 

Having lost her home to bombings one year ago, Walaa and her children now live with her mother and two brothers, also near Kuza’a. Over this past year Walaa’s health has deteriorated, without funds and support her disease has progressed to a very late phase.

Walaa reached out to me the fall before last with concerns about her health and her ability to support her two children. Her only means of earning income at that time was through agricultural labor very close to the Armistice line, for low wages and with great risk of becoming a target of  violence from Israeli soldiers. At that time she was asking for money to purchase insulin, which I could not afford. As time progressed she told me that through numerous hospital visits she learned that she had hepatitis, and required more funds for hospital treatment. Last May Walaa’s home was lost due to bombing and she and her children were homeless for a number of weeks,  it was later that I learned that she moved back in with her mother. I lost contact with her over the summer but she reached out again in the fall to tell me about her medical condition, that the hepatitis had led to pancreatic cancer, and still later she was told that her condition would be terminal. This is the second time that I’ve tried to raise funds for her, there are many details of Walaa’s life that I do not know but I do know that this person is real and so are their asks.

My hope for this fundraiser is to raise money for Walaa to receive the care she deserves, and to support family members with the ability to buy food, water, and other basic necessities of life. Please share and give generously 


May 2021

I am acting as beneficiary for this fundraiser on behalf of Walaa, a mother of two living in Kuza'a, in the Gaza Strip. We have been in communication for a number of months, below is a description of a number of basic needs which are going unmet.

Walaa is struggling to situate herself after having been displaced by Israeli air strikes. She is in need of money to provide food for herself and her two children, to pay for rent and amenities in her new place of residence, and to pay medical bills.

Walaa and her two daughters have lost their home due to civilian bombing by Israeli warplanes, and is seeking immediate access to safe shelter.  Please give generously.

Daily life in Gaza is wrought by the brutality of the occupying Israeli  forces, depriving occupants of sustenance, dignity, and recognition as Palestinians. For 15 years Gaza has been under blockade, rendering both the land and the sea inaccessible. Travel in and out of the borders for both personal and commercial reasons is routinely denied, and Gazans are resolutely withheld access to drinking water, electricity, medical resources, and other critical infrastructure.

Within the territory very few reliable sources of income are available. There are individuals who take work harvesting and cultivating areas of agricultural land near the border, though the compensation is very meager, and hostility from the Israeli military is a regular threat to the workers’ lives.  In 2017 the UN reported 56% of people in Gaza living below the poverty line, and in September the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions in The Gaza Strip reported that with the pressures of the coronavirus unemployment has risen from 65% to 82%. 

 Helping to offset the poverty that has been inflicted through this colonial violence by making personal donations to individual families will make an immeasurable improvement upon the quality of life within the borders of the territory. Walaa needs assistance moving forward to provide for her two young children and keep from being evicted, which will compound the daily hardships that are already experienced. Please share this fundraiser and/or donate according to your means.

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