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'We are born surprises!' C-section Babies/TNR Fundraiser

Organizer & Beneficiary: CaRMaH

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'We are born surprises!' C-section Babies/TNR Fundraiser

Weare a very special quartet!  

Our mom is feral, and was recently trapped, and brought to a trap-neuter-return clinic, where she was to be spayed, vaccinated, eartipped and released after recovery.  

But, when the surgeon just started, she found 4 kittens, in the birth canal, ready to enter the world!  She took us all out by caesarian section, and the people cleaned us up and kept us warm.    Once mom was awake, she started to clean us and nurse us.  

We'd like to help CaRMaH as they helped us be born!  This fundraiser of $400 will help cover the costs of the caesarian section and care for us, including supplemental formula as needed.

Donations large or small are appreciated!

CaRMaH is a 501(3)c non-profit, all donations tax deductible.  

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