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Toby's Vet Hospital Care

Organizer & Beneficiary: Jim Graves

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Toby's Vet Hospital Care

I had to take my Cat Toby for emergency surgery Saturday He had a blockage of stones and had to have surgery  to remove the stones in his bladder. He tried to be in good spirits through it all. He is such a sweet lovable guy. He is still a little out of it but very glad to be home and has been all over me. He has to wear one of those E-Collars for a while until he heals up from his incision. He has bumped into a few things but being a good sport about it.  He has eaten little but his appetite will come back slowly. He has several Meds he has to take over the next few days. I would so appreciate any support you can offer  I am on a very tight fixed income.  *** UPDATE ***  I had to take Toby back to the Vet for complications Today (Friday 05/07/2021) he had to be catheterized again for partial blockage from settlement debris from his surgery of his bladder. He should be able to come back home Monday! This guy has had a painful hard time. **** UPDATE ***** Toby is doing better not completely out of the woods. He gets to come back home today. He will still be on Medication(s) for a while. With a change in diet and other helpful changes the hope is he will be back to a normal healthy cat! Thanks from the bottom of my heat to those who have reached out to donate.  **** UPDATE ***** Toby continues to improve. He is eating better and is getting back to himself. We are still asking for Donations & sharing this post. Thanks so very much!!

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