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Help Hazel keep her home!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Hazel Mahan

Help Hazel keep her home!

Dear friends,

Update: my husband is now out of the hospital, and we are attempting to put out lives back together. However, he has a long way to go before he's totally recovered, and thanks to an oversight his disability payments have ended and will not resume for three months. We are trying our best to get by until then but we are really, really struggling and need help. 


As some of you know, my husband Sean has been dealing with some serious health problems which got progressively worse, he lost his job and is now hospitalized. When he will get out and what life will be like when he does are both unknown at this time, so I have been forced to take over all household responsibilities and finances without warning or preparation. To make matters worse, because I am disabled my small income (less than 1/5 of what my husband was making) is nowhere near enough to even cover our rent, much less other bills. I found out a few days ago that, due to his illness, Sean had already fallen behind on our utilities, insurance, and car payments.

Things are very dire, and unless I can raise some money quickly I may lose my (rented) house and our car as well as some of our insurance coverage. With Portland’s housing market it is not possible to move anywhere cheaper, and even if we could most places require ludicrous deposits. Though it hurts me to do this, I am trying to ask for help covering our rent and bills for the next couple months until a more permanent arrangement can be worked out.  I am hoping to raise about $5,000 which will at least pay for two months of rent as well as car payments and to settle the back payments owed for our insurance. My own income is already eaten up by paying for my prescription drug coverage, food, medicine, and other necessities. To give you an idea of what my monthly expenses look like:

Rent: $1320

Car insurance (includes late charges and several months owed): $577

Health insurance (mine): $100

Car payment: $300

Internet: $100

Other bills (gas/water/electric): $200


I really do appreciate all the help we can get, and let’s all send good vibes to my husband so that he can make a full recovery, find a new job, and get back to normal as soon as possible.