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Desperate For a Car or Repairs

Organizer & Beneficiary: Zizi

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Desperate For a Car or Repairs

For several months we helped our friend who was recently widowed get to where she and her kids needed to go. We were due for some repairs and upkeep on our vehicles but are "Good Samaritans"- when we're able to help friends out we do. Now we need some help. Right before Christmas 2019 our 2001 Dodge Neon blew up and we had no Christmas.  My fiance' Bill is retired & on a fixed income with severe health issues & with the cost of living rising we're not able to do anything about repairs. 

Then I tried to use my 1991 Chevy G20 van to go to a doctor's appointment which was a mistake as we barely made it home. The entire electrical system, charging ability, and gauges are not working. 

We're raising funds to either repair/maintain both vehicles or to have funds to add to what we might get in exchange for those vehicles to have a newer used Mini Van. Bill & I could use a Mini Van type vehicle for moving & would be nice to have a newer model that is better on gas than my old Chevy G20. We appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Zizi 

(Update as of February 14) 

The van has been repaired! Thanks to those who donated to the $503 dollar bill. It does still need and oil change but the donations received here and in person total so far $375).

Next we may attempt to find a small used car that is fuel efficient for local use. (The Dodge Neon is a total loss and will be scrapped). All help so far has been really appreciated as Bill is retired and disabled from many accidents and I'm trying to fully recuperate from diabetes). Thank you.


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