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Help me get a cat!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Hana

Help me get a cat!

So, I ask for help to get a cat. Some of you know I already have cats although they live at my mother's place and not with me and I can't pull my little one out of the pack since he'd be in emotional pain. 

So I'm asking for money to get my own cat in my own place. I am quite lonely and very depressed due to the loneliness and don't have the means to be less lonely through human social contact. A cat will help with that greatly. 

The money I try to raise includes the amount of money my partner wants me to have before getting a cat plus money for the cat itself (I won't get one from a breeder, but the shelters obviously want something for the cats too), food, litter boxes, a scratching post and everything else they might need. It also includes a trip to the vet to ensure they're perfectly healthy. 

I am already eyeing two beans, one is a shelter cat and the other from a private person but has FIV - feline aids basically - so I'd hate to see him in a shelter. Donations of 30€ or more get a shout out on my tumblr, Instagram shout outs will be done too once I have my furbaby! Feel free to message me at guessworkwitch on both tumblr and Instagram with your PayPal name if you want me to tag you in the shout out! 

If you can support me, thank you greatly. If you can't, please share this if you can! Thank you for your time! 

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