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4 mangy pups with Parvo need your help!

Organizer: Dog Days Rescue
Beneficiary: dog days rescue

4 mangy pups with Parvo need your help!

Four mangy pups found themselves in a packed shelter that will soon have to euthanize for space without help from Rescue. 

These  babies are said to have sarcoptic (contagious) mange. Life has dealt them a pretty crappy hand so far but we'd love to turn all of that around. 

6:58 pm 6/9/2019

Two of the babies have come down with parvo and staying in close quarters, the other two will most likely start showing symptoms too. These four need help, they need prayers, they need donations, they need you!!! 

We are looking for $2000 And we need it fast! We need to raise $2000 by tomorrow morning to get these pups picked up and to the vet as soon as possible. The secret to fighting parvo is to act quickly. Quicker is better. Particularly with them already having a weakened immune system from having mange.

9:02 am 6/10/2019 

The shelter opens at 10 am, We should be on our way to pick them up, but we have fall short. All we can offer these babies is prayers, $10 in donations and a pledge of $150 :(
 We want to save these babies but they will need more than we can offer. They need a miracle. They need $500 a piece to get the medical treatment that they need.
 Medical cases (like this one) are  funded soley by donations by people like you! But what if everyone just shared and hoped that someone else would donate. Many have shared, Everyone prayed, But very few stepped up. These babies don't need someone else they need YOU!

11:15 am 6/10/19 

An update from the shelter... These babies can’t wait any longer the two with parvo are now at the vet near the shelter. Treatment has begun. 

We have enough to rescue and take on one of these babies. But which one? There are 4 and they all need our help!!! We can’t leave anyone behind.  We need more pledges. More donations.