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Young family drowning in debt.

Organizer & Beneficiary: Oleg

Young family drowning in debt.

Hello. Our family has a very big problem, which has grown over several years. I say everything honestly, as it is. By stupidity, scored a few credits. There are small ones (400-500), there are large ones (3000-5000). the total amount is 12,000. The problem is that at the moment, with a salary of 700, each month We have to pay 500 in loans. There is nothing left for life. Because of this, debts are growing. I would be able to pay 200 a month, in my country it’s realistic to live on 500 a month. But after paying loans only 200 is left for live, so the debts grow. We got into debt with relatives to survive somehow. I do not know what to do. Honestly I do not know. This is a terrible condition.

Good people, please help.

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