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Bringing back Samuel’s joy

Organizer: Shane Harrison
Beneficiary: doggone happy animal rescue

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Bringing back Samuel’s joy

For  five years, Samuel had a real home and a soft bed and plenty to eat. He had a little boy who loved him to pieces. He was family and he fit in perfectly, until the chickens came along. He’d never seen creatures like them before and he thought chasing them to see them run and flutter might be fun. He didn’t know that running after these strangers to his home would make him an outcast. They didn’t  bother teaching him not to chase the chickens. They just brought him to the shelter and cast him aside. That’s no way to treat family.  The Rescue Army at Team Dahlonega was determined to put a smile back on Samuel’s face by finding him a loving home where he can live out the remainder of his life with love and acceptance. Now, our friends at Doggone Happy Animal Rescue are going to do just that. Thanks to everyone for caring so much about this poor discarded soul.

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