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Verah's Chance

Organizer: Ryan LaPrairie
Beneficiary: verah apilli

Verah's Chance

In each of our lives, somebody gave us a shot.  It may have been a coach that put you in the game, a parent that sent you to college, or an employer that took a chance with you.  Everyone deserves one. But unfortunately, not everyone gets one.  That is what I found about Verah Apilli. She's 24. She's Ugandan. She's one of eight children with who lost their father and the only source of income for the family.  Yet, despite this, she persevered.  She got into college and completed 3 years of electrical engineering school.  With 2 years left, she dropped out.  Not because of grades.  Not because of apathy.  But simply because she ran out of money.

She now works at a $300/night hotel which only pays her $3/day (yes that's per day) to keep the lights and electrical equipment working.  She cleans houses on the side and teaches English to expatriate kids to raise money to go back to school.  

As we reflect on our year during this holiday season and think of all of our blessings and fortune, think of giving someone like Verah a shot.  We buy a lot of things during this season, most of which wear out, break, get read, and lose their value.  Consider giving a gift that could change someone's life.

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