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Ramadan Iftar Project in Gaza

Organizer & Beneficiary: Abdullah Omar

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Ramadan Iftar Project in Gaza

My name is Abdullah Omar , I live in Gaza strip. I am trying to restore some stolen justice by providing assistance to poor families. One of my current projects is to combine breakfast packages with basic foodstuffs in the hope of reducing deaths and diseases due to malnutrition.

With Ramadan approaching within a month, we can use all your help to provide as many food packages as possible. Each food package costs around $ 45-40 USD and includes items that each family should last for at least a month. I will start with the goal of feeding 150 families, for which we must collect about $ 5,000 USD. I hope I can increase the goal once this amount is achieved.

Each family will get (approximately): - 2 kg rice - 5 cans of beans - 3 cans of sauce - 2 packages of oil - 2 kg lentils - 3 kg of sugar - 3 servings of meat - 5 bags of pasta - 4 packages of cheese - 2 kg Hummus - Halawa Pack - One Jam Bowl - Tea - 2 kg Bulgur - 3 Packs of Spaghetti I will post updates on how your donations help to draw a smile and I will publish photos to prepare and distribute these dismantled packages to the Islamic nation today. Let's gather together to do some good so as to intercede when God asks us what we have done to help our needy brothers and sisters. I ask God to reward you, everyone who donates, whether small or large. Please keep the residents of Gaza in your claim. Best regards from your brother {Abdullah Omar} * "All that you spend with a kind heart, give it to parents, relatives, orphans and the needy and needy travelers. Whatever you do good, God knows that ..