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We believe people that are fundraising need every penny they raise. Unlike other social fundraising platforms we don't intend to make money out of other people misfortunes. Hence we never take any fees/tips/cuts from people's campaign donations.
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Every Donation Matters, no matter even if it is as small as $1.
Here you can lend a helping hand, supporting our cause with your donations or simply share it with your friends.

What is

We believe in fee free online fundraising & crowdfunding. We are an online fundraising website with no fees.

  • We never take a fee or ask your donors for contributions (tips) when donating to cover our expenses.
  • More payment processor options than other online fundraising & crowdfunding websites, you can even use PayPal! Accept donations as small as $1.00
  • Fundraise for anything (except business investing). Medical bills, pet or animal, neighbor in need, hero in the news, disasters and tragedies, nonprofits and whatever else might need funding.
Our Promise