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funding required to built incomplete structure of home

Organizer: Jawad
Beneficiary: sumera jawad

funding required to built incomplete structure of home

A very less education and with low monthly salary (400$) I spent 18 years out of my country as an Expat . Me and my family suffered a lot during this period but we survived all our life problems and raised our kids in a good manners and provided them good education.

My parents bought a land and asked us to share this land to built a home for all of us including my brothers so it was a joint family system home in which we put our hard earned savings.

Three months before I went on vacations back home and took some loan  and we moved to our home and spent more money at this home from m to make it livable for  my kids and wife and came back to my work after three months.

The day I left my home while in a flight my parents started troubling with my wife and kids and kicked out my kids and wife from this home in which we shared to built.

As there was only verbal share and no paper work was done because of a trust on my parents we couldn't launch any complaints to any of authorities so they have to left home leaving every thing behind.

The only money we have left is a one month expenses and school fee and my kids are living with my brother-in-law's small rented home.  

I left them with hope and trust that now life would be better but I was wrong , now is the hardest time of my life that I borrowed money and emptied my hard earned savings and nothing left for my wife and kids all I have to say to kind and generous people out there please help my to come out of this hardest time of my life.

I needed money to return my loan and to buy a small incomplete structure of  home available in outskirts of my city so that my wife and kids move there.

Voice of a broken hearted family.


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