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Down on my luck

Organizer & Beneficiary: Mesidor Azor

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Down on my luck

Hello friend,

I find it heart broken to write you this letter.  I hope you can forgive me for I do not know where else to go and who else to ask for help.  I will accept a prayer over this matter if that is all you can do for me.  I feel I am down on my last luck and it hurts.  

While we all living in this beautiful country and plenty for all of us, it continues to bother me that I am in this predicament.  My income has been shrinking for quite sometime and I have been looking for work that would change my circumstances but not much luck.

between paying child support, a huge student loan debt and living off my credit cards, you can see how quickly the magnitude of debt can start piling up.  Life would be very simple if I can just pay them and get the monkey of my back.  You know what’s crazy, I have been working for over 20 years paying taxes and all and the day I lost my job, the government only help me with 6 months of unemployment. However, the country is shipping trillions of dollars daily to help other countries. Whatever happened to help your countrymen first then help those from other countries.  Why is our country is helping those other countries and say no to their countrymen?

Something as simple as forgive student loans debt would assist so many of us.  Imagine how you would feel to know your student loan has been forgiven and now you can focus on proving better choices for your family.

my friend, as I am writing you this letter, tears are rolling down my eyes for the pain is too great to bear. How did i allow myself to get so much in debts that I am coming to you for help?

will you find it in your heart to help me? Will you care enough to say yes brother, I will help. Will I be the lucky one to receive a lifetime gift from a friend I never knew I had. From a person of good character, a person of good heart.  Will you help me move the needle from negative to the zero line?  

My friend, I may not know you directly or personally yet but your help, any kind of help will not go unnoticed. I may not be able to repay you directly, but it will put me in a position to help some other person. Help me pay for education of a needy person in some location or even help a new friend with their own situation.

I believe I have taken much of your time in this matter and I pray that it finds you well and blessed.

thank you.

Your friend, Mesidor Azor