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Lilly Blind and Deaf Girl Surrendered to TX Kill shelter

Organizer: Toni King
Beneficiary: bully4you rescue & rehabilitation inc

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Lilly Blind and Deaf Girl Surrendered to TX Kill shelter

Imagine for a second, living your entire 4 years of life in a home, with an individual, having puppies for them, and then being surrendered to a kill shelter, a death sentence, imagine that for just a second, your whole world turned upside down in a matter of moments, NOW, imagine being BLIND AND DEAF on top of all that... Yes, you read that right, Blind and Deaf, surrendered to a kill shelter in Texas, now living on a concrete floor, laying in her own pee because she has no clue what is going on... That is Lilly, a bully girl who a few days ago popped up in our feed and have since been determined to help. This is a huge deal for this girl, and probably one of the biggest rescues we have ever even attempted. As of 10/10/19 Lilly is now safe thanks to Bully4You Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc of Warrenville, SC. We worked tirelessly for days to ensure this poor girls safety and future. As of this moment Lilly has been moved from the shelter in Texas to a local vet's office, where she will receive her mandatory vetting and be boarded until her pick up. We have an individual driving all the way from Warrenville SC to pick her up this weekend. Donations for this can go to Paypal: or or done by clicking on this link as well. Lilly will receive some vetting in Texas and then the rest in South Carolina. This is going to be a costly adventure for Lilly, so please open your hearts for her and donate what you can. We currently have no idea on Lilly's heartworm status or any medical issues besides her having no vetting and being blind and deaf. We do not have an idea of how much this entire thing will cost, but we do know, the initial vetting / boarding / transport will be around $1000.00. We need to raise those funds immediately! I am setting this fundraiser up for a larger amount as we have no idea how much this will truly cost, and she will need more vetting and care and training upon arrival to Warrenville, SC. This girl has a future now, so let's help her, and make it happen! We will update everyone as quickly as we can. 

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