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Jens Living Fund

Organizer & Beneficiary: Jennifer Allen

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Jens Living Fund

Thank you for clicking on my fundraiser and reading my story. Knowing that you are interested in my well being and acknowledging my struggles makes me feel a little better about my situation. 

My name is Jen Allen and my health has recently taken a turn for the worst. I am struggling to juggle my appointments, treatments, and work in tuely, any capacity independently. The scary truth is that I am no longer able to work to earn an income. Which is honestly terrifying but I believe in my network and feel that you would want me to reach out for help. 

Image description: Jen lying on an emergency room bed having her blood drawn by a nurse. Service dog, Lizzie, is sitting on her stomach taking task commands from her owner (Jen's roommate) to help relieve an impending anxiety attack, last December.

My Story

Starting in early 2017 I remember beginning to lose mobility. It started with back pain and over the past two years my condition has progressed to having spasms and debilitating pain and fatigue. I have tried a everything from chiropractor to a physical medicine specialist and more with no answers. Finally earlier this year I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and a hypermobility syndrome (pending type). In addition to  my physical disabilities I also have a number of mental and neurological disabilities. You can imagine how difficult managing basic life functions with one disability can be, let alone with the myriad of conditions that are slowly being discovered at multiple doctor and specialist appointments, just this year. All of these disabilities, complications, and treatments and the like have began to take a huge toll on my ability to work full time. Over a month ago my doctor notified my employer that I am to work no more than 20 hours a week. The past three weeks, with the seasons beginning to change, and my narcolepsy and pain becoming unmanageable, I have worked a total of 6 (less than 5 hours) days and do not see my conditions relenting anytime soon to allow me to even work 20 hours a week. 

I am now reaching out to family and friends in this time to attempt to raise enough money to help ease my financial burden. The funds would help me pay for my bills; rent, electricity, water, dog food, groceries and vehicle expenses. Additionally the funds will give me the time to fully pursue medical assistance, treatments, training my service dog Mulder, and applying for federal and state benefits (which is full time job and a multi-year process). 

Thank you for reading! Please consider donating and sharing this campaign. 

- Jen