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Help us to save four amazing lives and get them to the U.S.

Organizer & Beneficiary: Zero Stray Pawject, Inc

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Help us to save four amazing lives and get them to the U.S.

Help us to save four amazing lives and prevent them dying in the shelter!


Greece has 1 million abandoned and stray dogs that fight for survival on the street. Our mission is to drive local public policy initiatives to eradicate the root-cause which is irresponsible dog ownership. In the meantime, we support shelters that comply with specific guidelines that we have laid out in our “Bill of Rights”.

The shelter we support in Aegina, Greece, hosts several pit bull mixes, one of which will be a therapy dog. All of them are super friendly, get along with all other dog, love children and are HIGHLY ADOPTABE. But none has any chance of getting adopted anywhere in Europe as most countries have a pit bull ban. Locally in Greece it is impossible to find good families with so many stray dogs on the street. The pit bulls in the shelter are aged 3-5 years old.

Whilst the shelter is one of the best in Greece and they get a lot of love and care, most of those dogs will not have a chance to ever live a life in a family. 

We don't want them to spend all of their life in a shelter and hence are trying to help to get them to the U.S. in order to allow them to experience the warmth of  a family. All of those dogs are HIGHLY adoptable.image

Zero Stray Pawject is a 501(c)3 US non-profit. We want to help 4 of these pit bulls to find their loving homes in 2018. Two of these dogs have homes already lined up and all we need to do is get them from Greece to the U.S.

Unfortunately, there are very few airlines that fly pit bull mixes to the U.S. because they are considered a dangerous breed.

Swiss Airlines and Lufthansa are two of the few airlines who fly so called “dangerous breeds” (pit bulls mixes) but they require a specific kennel which looks like a fortress. These kennels are called CR 82 and are certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association Regulations). You can read more about the kennel specifications on Lufthansa here:

Lufthansa has more details:


  • A CR82 kennel costs $1200 (incl tax and shipping). We will order one such kennel that we can fly back and forth to Greece, so we can eventually bring all these 4 dogs over – see price and kennel under this link
  • Cost of flying a dog from Greece to the U.S. is 300 EUR = 360 USD. This must be taken x4 = 1,440 USD. See prices under this link:
  • The empty kennel weighs 26 kilos = 57 pounds. The transport of the empty kennel back from New York to Greece is 500 USD each way. This must be taken x4 = 2,000 USD. – See costs under this link:

Total costs for placing Moca, Remi, Irma and Bluee with a loving forever family is therefore USD 4,640. The costs exclude the flight and hotel accommodations for the human escorts -- Zero Stray Pawject founders will pay these out-of-pocket.

Can we get those amazing dogs into loving homes in 2018 ?

Please consider donating to our cause. You can visit our website and Facebook page & watch while we grow, or help us grow by making a donation.

Zero Stray Pawject is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

See Video of Remi:

See Video of Moca:

See Bluee's food sponsor video:


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