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CARA: Crafters and Artisans for Rescued Animals

Organizer & Beneficiary: Bridget Battease

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CARA: Crafters and Artisans for Rescued Animals

There are an estimated 14,000 animal rescues in the US that take in nearly 8 MILLION animals a year.  Many if not most rely solely on donations from their community.  What if crafters and artisans could band together and help rescues, shelters and rehabbers in our own backyard? 

That is the philosophy behind Crafters & Artisans for Rescued Animals. 

Inspired by the craft movement for Australia, Crafters & Artisans for Rescued Animals (CARA) was created to keep the movement going, but this time to benefit rescues, shelters and rehabbers within the US and Canada.  Our goal is to assist rescues with crafted items tailored directly to their needs and connect rescuers and crafters all over the world free of charge to them. 

CARA crafters are 100% volunteers, all donations they send to our rescues have come directly out of their pockets including materials and shipping costs.  With almost 300 rescues signed up, and more joining each day we want to make sure we have the funds to relieve financial stress off the crafters so we can continue helping. 

CARA is working towards their 501c3, but it is a goal that will take time and financial help.  With this we will be able to better fundraise, apply for grants and really ensure our crafters have the means they need to keep on crafting.  

ALL funds raised will go to help our crafters with materials and shipping costs so we can continue to help as many rescues as possible.  With the natural disasters affecting our country right now, the need is more than ever and we are working twice as hard to deliver needed items to affected rescues. 

What people are saying about CARA:

"I kind of bragged about you guys!!! Honestly, I have went from pillow cases to pouches, rice in socks to nice soft rice packs that hold heat better.  My cost has really went down.  This stuff is priceless.  I'm not a non-profit yet but hopefully in the future I will become one.  Most rehabbers pay out of pocket for meds and formula and vet care so you guys are honestly saving the animals!"

"A big thanks from Good Dog Rez-Q.  I finally had a chance to sit down and open the box! I'm so pleased with the quality and care that was stitched into the soft fleece.  We will use these blankets and bedding until they fall apart.  They'll be used for newborn puppies and to wrap our beloved hospice dogs when they are buried.  These items will be valued, like our animals."

"I'm beyond touched by the kindness, willingness and compassion the members of this group has and their willingness to pitch in and help!  It's not very often us rehabbers come across a group of individuals like this who reach out and offer help, especially in THIS form!!  These kinds of things are stuff that I personally have done without simply because finances are usually spread thin in other areas... I'm beyond thankful and 'thank you' doesn't seem like it's enough." 

"A big, wild thank you from all the creatures at Wild At Hart Wildlife Rehabilitation! We received a box full of wraps, pouches, and snuggle sacks from CARA members.  It brought me to tears, to think of the time spent- picking out fabrics, finding patterns, the hours of sewing & stitches- all out of the kindness of your hearts to help animals, it means so much & we are very grateful. What an amazing organization & group of artisans!"

We thank you for taking the time to look at our and for helping us, help the animals.

instagram: @craftersforrescuedanimals