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Mom needs help with bills please

Organizer & Beneficiary: Chanel

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Mom needs help with bills please

Hello all, My name is Chanel, I have a husband and two children. Me and my husband has honest jobs, I work for the postal service and my husband is a corrections officer. Back in november my husband got a flu shot and he had something called guillian barre syndrome (I think I spelled it right :) but anyway it basically temporarily paralyzed him from the waist down, he lost his memory, he went from 250lbs to approx 180 in about a two week span. He was in the hospital for a month, and even after his hospital stay, he still had to do physical therapy to learn how to walk again. He was out of work for almost 5 months. In that time I still had to work and try to keep up with the bills and necessities all by myself. We have a mortgage, daycare, lights, food gas etc. We have 2 boys and they had to be taken care of along with me taking care of my husband who couldnt for himself at the time. Thank god he is all back to normal now, but I fell behind on the bills and now we have huge a roof leak, and some electrical issues with my house that needs to be fixed. We just need a little help so we can catch up and get back to normal. I greatly appreciate anything that you can do! Thank You!

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