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Family Foundation

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Family Foundation

It has been eight years since the birth of my oldest son, I was 17 years old when I brought him into this world and have never stopped making sacrifices to improve his quality of living; together he and I even overcame homelessness in the very beginning!

Unfortunately his dad has decided to take me to court for full custody and considering his absense the last 8 years- his bank account is significantly larger than mine. I currently have 3 boys all together and chose to step away from my career as a behavior therapist to pursue my children first- and of course right after I made that decision was when papers were filed...almost perfect timing.  I have tried settling outside of court and being a voice of reason so we can do what is best for our son, however it isn't easy to argue with a 25 year old man who thinks he reached self actualization at 19 years old. I have been belittled, condemned, and told my son would be better off if I were dead and so now I am ready for a fight. My son deserves time with his dad but he needs to lnow he cannot walk away from his child then come back and treat me like crap. We need your help. Our lawyer fees are $1200 and that's not including babysitters, transportation costs, and other expenses. We've struggled getting ahead and this was just another knife in the back...however I know the universe is good and it takes a village. Help me fight for my family?!

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