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Donate to change the events of the Gaza Strip

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Donate to change the events of the Gaza Strip


Dear friends:_????

Who saves the people of Gaza from hunger

Life is full of pain, crying and sadness

This is life in the Gaza Strip, death, oppression and hunger

The father suffers when he sees his child hungry and cannot do anything for him

The mother cries when she sees her baby crying from hunger

There are many people who commit suicide because there is no future in Gaza

There are many painful stories in every home for the poor in the Gaza Strip

There are wounds and suffering

The Israeli siege made life hell. We live in the largest prison in the world

The children have become homeless and are looking for food in garbage containers. Women, widows and children go to markets to collect and eat rotten food to fill hunger

Please look at these poor and children in the eye of mercy and kindness

Please help me in order to send food to these poor and children who are waiting for you to give them hope in life because they now live in the greatest grief and anxiety

Donate and share until the world knows the suffering we are experiencing

Your donation draws a smile on the face of a poor child

Donate any money to help send food to the poor



Donate and Share

I love you all





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