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Save the children of Gaza from the Zionist shelling

Organizer & Beneficiary: Help poor families in the Gaza Strip

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Save the children of Gaza from the Zionist shelling

Dear Friends, I continue my humanitarian work, it is beautiful work, but it is the most beautiful thing

You are the cause of the smile on the face of the poor child in innocent Palestine. The Gaza Strip suffers from the Israeli occupation, which made life in the Gaza Strip like living in a big prison. Now the occupation is preventing or making it extremely difficult to bring food, medical, electricity, fuel and clean water aid to the Gaza Strip, which is a major cause of unemployment for those who want to work. For many children in Gaza, there is a smile because the children here live a difficult life. We hope that people who can help, even just a little, can feed poor families and help return smiles to some children. Children need a lot of things like food and treatment, and they need a lot of things. This is what I hope to do for our people

Please help me find food for many poor families and poor children. We thank you for your confidence, because without your donations I cannot continue my work. I wish you happiness. I always love you from the besieged Gaza Strip.