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Ethiopia Ramadan Project

Organizer & Beneficiary: reema gamal

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Ethiopia Ramadan Project

Ramadan Iftar Initiative for Families in Addis Ethiopia

To those of you who don't know me, my name is Tamara. I was born and raised in Ethiopia and came to turkey for University and have been here ever since. Ramadan in our household meant meals prepared every day for at least 30-40 families. May Allah SWT bless those that started this initiative and sponsored all the meals. We had the honor of helping execute this project, and packing and delivering to each family. 

When I moved to turkey, we started a similar version of this project, where we deliver a box full of necessities required to make iftar for local families and alhamdulilah this program has been going strong ever since. In Ethiopia, this program is done by my mom, aunts, grandmother and the whole family helping and making deliveries alhamdulilah. 

Last year we were able to take the project to the next step with the help of Allah and all those that had faith in us alhamudilah. We were able distribute iftar packages for over 60 families and distributed 1000 KG of dates to those that needed it. It truly was a new beginnings in many aspects, one of which was going public with this project that was so personal for me. 

Some pictures/video are below: