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URGENT need of HELP!

Organizer & Beneficiary: Darlene Mays

URGENT need of HELP!

Hello! My name is Darlene. I am a 54 year old Single Mom raising a teen-aged Special needs child alone. I have Clinical Depression, COPD,  and Fibromyalgia along with other ailments.  (I've yet to qualify for Disability) I've been out of/unable to work for too many yrs now. Both my parents are deceased. I'm an only child. Ex-Hubby pays no Child Support. What little savings I had has long been depleted. Credit cards are maxed and suing me...                              

 We have NO INCOME.

My Son is/has Bi-polar, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, somehow contracted MRSA, and had 4 surgeries in 4 months. (Now Several Surgeries in just over a year.) 

Resulting from a Septic Hip, and Thanks to the MRSA, he developed Osteomyelitis and Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral-Head. The Dr. cut off his Femoral-Head and replaced it with a Cement Filler as a temporary fix. He'll need to have a full Hip Replacement next.

We  NEED funds to pay bills NOW - Utilities, phone, etc. (Cable has been cut off already)

Our Utilities, House, & Car insurance are due within days of each other.  We REALLY don't wanna go to a homeless shelter.  Neither My Son nor I are able to walk everywhere we go either.  :(

Our home is in DIRE NEED of repairs. The main one being a roof.  (One side was fixed, the other still needs to be.) When it rains, water runs down the walls. We have shingles, but not the rest of the stuff needed to make it right. The car is also in need of repairs. Motor Mount just broke, and other things.

UPDATE:  As of 5/14/19 The full hip replacement is scheduled for 6/7/19.  Keep us in your prayers please! I finally have a hearing date in August. But won't even know if I'm approved til about November.  Still have no income.  Community Action and a Church helped on Utilities. So we're good til end of this month. 

As of 3/17/19 Still waiting on Disability Hearing.  Ortho appt is 04/16/19 to talk further with Specialist about the Hip Replacement. 

Unfortunately, several  of the Donations have been returned, so the amount showing for this fundraiser is incorrect.... The correct amount is $191?  I'm at wits end here... 😭

As of 11/15/18 I have received letter from Social Security Office stating I have a hearing, but no date set. (Which they have to notify me 20 days prior) I pray not to be just another denial statistic.

As of 5/25/18  The Spacer in son's Hip Replacement is chipped... Dr is doing the testing needed before he can have the Surgery.  My health has declined severely. Disability turned me down, yet again. We need help point blank.

My son is now wearing a special boot due to the RSD/Neuropathy. Hip replacement is being put off due to the MRSA and other infections previously.

As of 8/06/17  Son is still waiting on Full Hip Replacement.  He has yet again contracted MRSA as well as Acinetobacter Baumannii, and yet another infection. He'll be at a wound center this week. I'm praying for a miracle for him, and myself as well.

As of 7/17/15: The Full Hip Replacement turned  into his 2nd Partial Hip replacement due to complications.  Now my son has Drop Foot, RSD, and Neuropathy in his right Foot. There is damage to his Sciatic Nerve. He is back on a walker, and is in much pain. Still looking at more physical therapy, as well as another surgery to come.

Thank You for reading this post. Should you find it in your heart to Help us in any way, it would be appreciated immensely.  Grateful for all Prayers as well. God Bless You, and Yours!