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Battle for Bri

Organizer: Jennie Shepich
Beneficiary: brianna & cindy belanger

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Battle for Bri

Brianna (Burner) Belanger was recently diagnosed with acute liver failure. Having no previous issues or symptoms, this came as a tragic, unexpected shock to her and everyone close to her. Although the cause of her sudden illness is still somewhat unknown, we have officially been told that Bri needs a liver transplant. Her liver failure is so severe she is top priority on the donor list, however it is still a waiting game as her doctors are looking for a specific type of liver. That being said, it is going to be a very long road ahead for her and her wife, Cindy.  

Bri is currently at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, WI in the Transplant ICU. Because she will be here for so long and Cindy will be off of work, we are hoping to raise some money to help offset the cost of hotels, food, gas, and other things that come up during their time in Milwaukee. This also includes helping cover their day to day bills and the inevitable medical expenses that will start coming in after the transplant. To know both Bri and Cindy is to love them. They have the biggest hearts and would be the first people in line to offer their help to others in trying and difficult times. Please consider helping these beautiful people any way that you can.