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Senior Dogs & February Vet Bills

Organizer: Forgotten Paws Dog Rescue, Inc.
Beneficiary: forgotten paws dog rescue, inc.

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Senior Dogs & February Vet Bills

We need your help!

February 2018 meant significant vet bills for Forgotten Paws - both new bills and our unpaid balances from January!  We appreciate everyone that donated for January’s bills - we just fell short of donations to get all the bills paid.

Here’s how February looked for us:

Feb 2 - Lola Opossum  - Chiropractor $40
Feb 5 - Rogue - seizure med refill and  Savannah had her heart-worm test, vaccines, microchip $400
Feb 7 -  We had to make a payment on our outstanding 2017 balance with  Lake City Animal Hospital   $1000
Feb 8 - Barry - Thyroid meds, Lola Opossum senior bloodwork & eye meds, Daisy Jack senior bloodwork & eye meds  $500
Feb 10 - Tigger - mass draining and senior bloodwork, Herbie dental & neuter, Savannah - spay  $800
Feb 20 - Alvie - heart meds $57.60
Feb 20 - Little Bear neuter, heartworm, vaccinations and microchip, and Fancy Cat needed seizure meds and bloodwork $296.82
Feb 22 - Alvie - heart workup & meds $289.05
Feb 23 - Ceasar - Orthopedic assessment $105
Feb 23 - Lola Opossum Chiropractor appt plus meds $67
Total Vet Care and Payments for February:  $3555.47

We have several dogs in need of vet care so  help us get these bills covered and get a start on March bills.

Thanks to everyone that supports us!