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Save the Sevenns- Camp Fire

Organizer: Sharon Curtis
Beneficiary: kathleen sevenns

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Save the Sevenns- Camp Fire

Hello All,

Thousands of families have lost everything in the Camp fire, and one of those families is my own. My aunt Kathleen, my uncle Ken, and my cousin Selene have lost their beautiful home in Paradise. They have lived in this house for years and made precious family memories within the walls that once stood there. My aunt is a proud woman, a woman who has always worked hard for what she has,  who will always make you feel like family,  and who will stand tall and say she’s fine even when she needs some help. My aunt continues to be a resilient champion through all that life throws at her, while remaining to be a thoughtful and gentle woman. She has raised my beautiful cousin, who attends college locally, to be the same.

At the moment the Sevenns are safe and thankfully staying with local friends, but they have nothing. They left everything behind, as many did, and have only ashes to return to. I was hesitant to start this account, but I want to show my aunt that people can give back as much as she has always given to the world, especially their beloved town of Paradise.

Anything at all, would help these kind people get a leg up to start all over. Thank you all for your time. Take care of yourselves and your neighbors. My heart is heavy for all of those effected, I’m so sorry for all of your losses.


Sharon C.