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Rescue in dire need of funds for her Chemo infusion

Organizer & Beneficiary: Amy Verder

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Rescue in dire need of funds for her Chemo infusion

This is not a rescued dog post.  It is not a fundraiser for the dogs, but yet in a way it still is.  Without this infusion that I am already nearly four weeks pastdue for I will be out of remission and well we know what that could mean and will mean.  

Jan 1st my insurance changed companies and they have denied my infusion that I get monthly it is the largest dose of the FDA will allow in a single dose and it was a fight for it.   But it has been a miracle and has kept me in remission for years now.  Yet Aetna has decided that they would deny it and even claims that they have another Bio similar medication I could take that is cheaper on them the insurance company to cover.  Yet the hospital i am infused at does not carry it nor will they order it for a monthly infusion and the closest infusion center that will is 2.5 hrs each way away and they have not gotten the insurance company to even agree to infuse it through them.. They keep red taping and now I have to appeal and they are saying it can take 60 days.  I will be in horrible shape in the next two months.  I am already feeling horrible.  Please keep in mind I am now fighting a rare t cell lymphoma and being treated at MD ANDERSON. 

Let me say this I am understanding anyone not willing to help me personally.  I accept this and just ask that you understand my desperation of needing to ask for help to live and to continue to save lives.  I do not feel upset or offended by anyone who does not wish to donate to help me outside of the animals.  

All I can do it ask you for help on a personal note.

You can donate directly to help me here or on Facebook via Messenger 

Thank you for anyone willing to happen.  I can receive treatment within 36 hrs after raising the funds max they said.