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Support of Andrew to fight with His EGFR Cancer

Organizer & Beneficiary: oraha sargon

Support of Andrew to fight with His EGFR Cancer

In early jan 2018, Andrew was diagnosed with advanced, Stage 4 lung cancer. At age 60, a life-long non-smoker, and otherwise healthy and well, this was truly unexpected and devastating news.

To all who know him, Andrew is kind and approachable, generous with his time and energy. He’s always been more than willing to talk with and help others, but would never ask for help for himself. He’s a cherished brother, son, father, husband, colleague and good friend to many. He’s also the life of the party. So as one might expect, he is coping with the news in his usual fashion – stoicism, philosophizing, and humor.
His cancer is EGFR positive – a genetic change more common in non-smoking people who develop lung cancer, and something directly targetable with several drugs. The newest, osimertinib (Tagrisso) developed by Astra Zeneca, works for almost double the time of the older drugs, with fewer side effects. This is the drug his Oncology team is pushing hard to get for him. Unfortunately, because it is a newer and very costly drug, it is not funded at the moment. A 1500 a month, this is a steep cost for anyone.
and if yo cant help with money yo can jst pray to him :)

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