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Family of 8 Needs Transportation

Organizer & Beneficiary: Jamie

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Family of 8 Needs Transportation

This was our family truck for over 9 years.  While driving down the street in June, our truck caught fire & exploded.  We are in desperate need of transportation.  The closest grocery store is miles away. Our kids doctor is a 30 minute drive away. The conditions of our Public transportation routes are very unsanitary.  We spent all of our savings during quarantine after losing our jobs. Between our bills piling up, house falling apart, & the needs of all the people on our household it has been extremely hard trying to get back on our feet. Your donations we will buy a used van or truck that seats all of us or comes close, hopefully cover sales tax, & 1st insurance payment. This car will help our family fix all the other problems that we are dealing with. It will also open up jobs options that are further from home. The thought of fighting through Winter & the holidays without a vehicle is too depressing. We will load pictures of our vehicle shortly after our goal is reached. Please help us. If you can't donate, share this link with someone who can. Thanks for your time. 

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