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A Cappella Academy 2019

Organizer & Beneficiary: JOSHUA OBERES

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A Cappella Academy 2019

JUNE 2019 UPDATE: First, I want to give all my family and friends a HUGE thank you for all the support! Your donations and encouraging words mean so much to me, and I honestly cannot thank you enough.

I'm excited to say that I will be leaving for camp in just a few weeks! I've been assigned to an awesome group, and I can say for certain that we will be performing exceptional music. This is going to be a great experience, and I thank you again for helping me get there!

- Joshua

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Hello! My name is Joshua Oberes, and I'm a 16-year-old high school junior from Jacksonville, Florida. Music is a passion that I have pursued my entire life. From singing in my church choir and school chorus, to beatboxing in talent shows, I have always seized the opportunity to share what I love doing.

I am extremely thrilled and blessed to have been accepted as a Vocal Percussionist into A Cappella Academy, a 10-day summer camp in Los Angeles where around 70 talented young vocalists from all over the world are chosen to perform with each other and learn more about what it means to truly be a musician. It is a prestigious program operated by some of the most influential people in the a cappella community, including Avi Kaplan (former bass of Pentatonix) and Ben Bram (Grammy award-winning arranger, producer, and vocalist).

You can check out my audition here:

And you can learn more about the camp on their website:

Tuition for the entire camp is $1,995. I hope to raise enough funds to attend this summer (as well as pay for airfare from Florida) by March 31 without putting further financial strain on my family, as they will be helping me out in a couple of years with college.

I appreciate each financial gift, no matter how small. Even if you can't donate anything, please spread the word by sharing this page!

Thank you so much!