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Losing Our Home for Helping a Friend

Organizer & Beneficiary: Katharine

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Losing Our Home for Helping a Friend

For those of you who have been betrayed by a trusted, close friend or relative, I know you can feel our pain. After losing large sums of money and the trust of our clients due to the actions of our once trusted friend and partner, we are in massive amounts of debt and about to lose our home. If not for our children, I would just accept the loss and face the full consequences of believing in the wrong person. But if anyone of you understands that personal deep betrayal and the damage it can do, can you please help us keep our home - if not for us and our problem, then at the least for our children? We would be forever grateful for the help and understanding of you all and will happily pay it forward. At this point, all we have left to hope and depend on is the capacity for compassion and the good will of you as a fellow human being.

We have our own business built on the amazing skills of my husband. Recruiter doesn’t sound like and may often not be the most caring profession; but my husband, through his amazing talents of listening and really hearing people’s stories, has made this profession a caring one. It took him years to find where his talent could be most beneficial, not just to him, but to those he works with and for. When he talks with people, he listens better than most people, and hears through their self-deceptions, through their insecurities, and finds through skilled conversation what they themselves often overlook. He’s helped people reach higher than they ever thought possible. He’s helped people reach where they felt they belonged, even if they never knew how to get there. I’ve heard how grateful these people have been.

As is his nature to help those around him rise, as we do, he wanted to help a friend of ours succeed. And as we experienced his seeming determination to learn and grow with my husband’s tutelage, we joined together with him in business. Unfortunately, not all who are capable, even encouraged, care to work toward their goals; he betrayed us, bled our company, and burned many bridges in the process.

As we’ve been unable to recover legally since he fled and is nowhere to be found, it has been difficult to get things back up and running. I believe in my husband, I believe in our business, I believe in the people we can help and our ability to get back to where we were. But in the meantime, we are growing increasingly short on funds to even pay our own bills and feed ourselves.

So if any of you out there can understand, sympathize, or empathize with our situation, please help us. If only for our children’s sake, please help us not lose our home, not lose this business that has helped so many in the past and could again in the future. We just want to get back to helping people again without fearing for our existence.