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Deteriorating spine and Tumors in lumbar spine

Organizer: Gene-Paul Thompson
Beneficiary: jeanna scott

Deteriorating spine and Tumors in lumbar spine

My friend who is a veteran is in need of all the help she can get as she has a 7 yr old son  trying to take care of him and life has been very difficult to move or do anything as her C4-To C7 spinal cord area is crushed  and she has multiple disk issue’s in her cervical spine.   Her support tissue has deteriorated.  The lining is nearly completely gone.  As you can see in the picture.  Surgeons rate spinal cord injury 1-5.  5 is paralyzed and 1 is healthy human.  She is 4.8/5!  It’s so bad if She lift’s anything or move the wrong way to fast the lining will give way and She will be permanently paralyzed . She also needs lumbar surgery to remove significant  masses and do multiple spinal fusions following the spinal cord surgery.   After that she has rehab and knee surgery replacement to have plus therapy after that also.  

 So am I doing a social fund to gain some financial support to help with her daily living bills and care for her as she can’t work.  She is going in for two surgeries that arn't promising.  If you can spare some money to help her out that would be awesome!  Sadly no one sends help for her children to be raised or her home to be cared for during these surgeries.

Thank you! 🙏